Crazy Freekick Customer Reviews:


Wow the game is too good

i like this very very

It is class

Th game is annoying. For a bit but i still like it 😄😃

I love it

I love this game great goals you can score

Cool game

I am going to play everyday

A new favorite strange japanese game

I love this dev! Hap is right up there with Cocosola and Liica when it comes to making awesomely odd games. I'm a huge fan of japanese android games, and spend a ton of time looking for something new that catches my attention, and these guys have it for sure! Keep up the weird work!

So easy took an hour

Really fun once to end (spoiler alert ) you get exploded by bomb


Tricky game but not impossible... Make sure to notice the shirt colours and at times the level challenges your logic

Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it I'm stuck on the 12 level

Very good


So funny and fun

Can't download

level 12 if u can't score on your self then who to score on


Creative enough, entertaining

It's just good

That was awesome

Worst game i have ever played

Dunno what to call this

LeveL 4 on stage 4 is practically impossible I've been trying ages and still can't do it

Can't pass stage 5 level 2

Plz help



Best game of football and most comedy too

oke top


Level 5


Funny and addicting. Download it.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍(For the first one in level 14, just kick the ball back.)


Cool game

I.m finhed thet game




Carl talbot

Great fun and love playing it

It is. Awsome

Greatly. Fun. But. Stupid. Game.

Great game

How do u get past stage 15

The last part with the world cup is impossible so how do u get past it

Really nice


Soo fun

Merapu gila tapi best

Tu je


Very Great

No evolution

Dont impose evolution to the brains

Its very funny

Tese game is hard